Cement – 3rd in the series

OK, I admit it. When I came to this point in my writing I was stumped. After all we have been looking at how God builds us as His temple. We have a plan in place and have dug out a hole. The question is now what? What is the next step in the process and what does it mean?

Well the next step is to build a foundation. To make it strong and able to stand up to the things of this world that is going to push against it. In simple terms you need concrete. Cement is powerful stuff. It is able to withstand all sorts of temperatures and weather patterns. So we need something just as powerful in our Spiritual Body. But what was it?

My mind was drawing a blank and I almost missed seeing the most important thing of all. The cement that we need to build our house upon: God’s Word. That is right the Bible, itself, is the cement that we need. After all a short look through it gives us hope and strength to endure through all sorts of things The Bible is in fact a rod and lamp unto my feet. (Psalm 119:105)  It is the word of God that David speaks of in psalm 23 Verse 4 where he calls it “A rod and a staff.”  It is this wonderful book that provides protection when the winds of this world blow against it.  It is the foundation that needs to be strong so we can handle the tough matters of life. A foundation built upon the cement of faith, in Christ and cemented if you will in the words of Christ. The living Word of God is what Jesus spoke of when he told the parable of the wise and foolish builders. (Matthew 7:24-27, Luke 6:47-49)

It is this word that we live on for more than our daily bread. Man cannot live on bread alone, but on the very word of God” Jesus tells Satan at his temptation in the dessert. So how do we do this?  That answer is simple: we spend time in the Word. We do so on a daily basis with our personal devotion and on a regular basis with the people of Christ. Time in the word should not be skipped by anyone. Mixing cement to build our foundation takes time. Time that we need to have. You have to mix it and smooth it out and form a foundation to build on. God’s word is that for us. After all when it comes to dealing with things in this life the Holy Bible has all the answers and that is a foundation we can build upon, because it always points to Christ and his rock solid promises

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