Bible Studies


  • 12:10pm – 12:50pm – Online Bible Study
    • Proverbs – Led by Pastor Bowman
      • How to Join: Is simpler than ever! 
        • Via Youtube (no account needed) Follow this link to our channel Then click on the live feed (note only available between 12:15 PM and 12:45 PM). 
        • The recording will be available by 1PM. 
      • Or attend in person – please note space is limited as the Bible Study is recorded in Pastor’s office.
Sundays – 9:30am

New Fall Classes Beginning 9/3/17

at the ARK

“Book of Hebrews”
in the living room
led by Bob Harringer

“God Works through
Prophets and Kings”
in the family room
led by Darrell Chew, Tiffany Johnson and Deanne Mesquita

at the COVE

Women’s Bible Study
“Stepping out to a Life on the Edge”
led by Monica Lane


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