Congregation in Prayer

What Is Congregation in Prayer?

Congregation in Prayer is a weekly devotional guide that we produce at no cost.  Each week, we provide a simple and flexible devotion to use at home with your family that is designed to make it easy to delve into God’s Word and help you understand it.  It is our desire that in using Congregation in Prayer that you and your family will grow in familiarity and understanding of God’s Word and more importantly be blessed in the life-giving good news of Jesus’ merciful work of restoration.

Congregation in Prayer will help you order your devotional habits in a useful form.  It will also help form a Christian Worldview by making His word familiar.  There is a bit of memorization element built into the devotional.  It will also help you understand God’s Word.  It doesn’t do much good to read God’s Word and not understand it.  So just as Philip came alongside the Ethiopian Eunuch to help him understand the prophet Isaiah we include reflections by the pastors and Luther’s Small Catechism to help you understand God’s Word.  Lastly, Congregation at Prayer will help you form a prayer life as we offer daily themes for prayer.

What is in Congregation ainPrayer?

Congregation in Prayer consists of a few parts.

The first part is a short reflection written by one of the pastors.  The reflection will usually focus on the readings for the Sunday on which we hand out the devotional.  Sometimes it may also be a short instructional writing to explain some of the things that happen in the church for example “What is this festival celebration about?”

The second part is the Order of Meditation.  The Order of Meditation is a brief liturgy to help you focus your devotional habit.

About the Order of Meditation

Each part of the Order of Meditation is meant to be spoken aloud.  The act of speaking benefits us by helping us to remember what we are reading.

Invocation – We begin with the Baptismal Remembrance where we say “In the name of the Father, of the Son, and the Holy Spirit”

Apostle’s Creed – We then confess the faith into which we were Baptized.

Learn by Heart Verse – Each week we will have a Bible verse that we will say each day.

Catechism – Each week there is a portion of Luther’s Small Catechism to be read aloud each day.  We have divided each portion into sections to allow for the ability of different age ranges.

Psalm of the DayComing Soon

Daily Bible Readings – Each day will have a suggested reading from the Bible.  You will find that some times these readings will follow a theme suggested by the Catechism for the week.  For example, when dealing with the First Commandment there may be readings that illustrate the meaning of the First Commandment.  Or there may be readings that show what is meant by the Second Article of the Apostle’s Creed.  Otherwise, we borrow heavily from a reading plan called the Daily Lectionary which is published as a part of the Lutheran Service Book.

Daily Themes for Prayer – We have themes for each day of the month.  They will cover a wide range of topics.  We invite you to pray for the things listed on their particular day.

Lord’s Prayer – Jesus gave us an excellent prayer to pray.  And so we have included it in Congregation at Prayer.  We encourage you to pray Jesus’ prayer and also to allow it to shape your personal prayers.

Looking Ahead – Gives you a chance to read the next Sunday’s readings before you attend the Divine Service.

How to use Congregation in Prayer

Simply read aloud each part of the meditation as possible, preferable together as a family.  If you are new to the idea of regular devotions, we suggest you do a small part of the Order of Meditation.  Our encouragement is to start with the Invocation, the Learn by Heart Verse, and the Lord’s Prayer.  Once you have a regular habit established we then suggest adding other parts of the Order in small increments.