Our Staff

Pastor Loy Schlote

Pastor Loy Schlote

Senior Pastor

Pastor Keith Bowman

Pastor Keith Bowman

Associate Pastor

Pat Grant

Church Secretary

Pat Grant has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church since April 1992. Pat and her husband Steve Grant have been married since 1984. They have 2 adult children; a son Kyle and a daughter Dana. Pat and Steve have done a variety of things over the years. Pat especially enjoys teaching first grade Sunday School which she has done for 20 years; Steve has taught Sunday School in various grades over the years from the first "Together with Jesus" class which welcomes in 2 year olds, 6th grade, and high school.  Steve currently teaches 7 and 8th grades.  Pat has worked in the church office since 1996 and Steve is a CPA with Peter Shannon and Company in Countryside.

Tiffany Johnson

Church Secretary

Tiffany Johnson has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church since 2012. Tiffany married her husband Phil in 2006. They have two children Phillip and Sadie.  Tiffany is very active with the Preschool program as the Board Outreach Coordinator. Phil plays drums with the Praise Team. Tiffany works part time as the church secretary and Phil works full time for R&R Plumbing.

Denise Woolsey

Building Engineer

Denise Woolsey has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church since 1986. Denise married her husband Ted in 1986. They have two adult children; a son, Teddy who lives in Avon, Connecticut with his wife, Nikki.  Their daughter Amanda is currently serving in the Peace Corp in the Fiji Islands for 26 months. Denise is very active in the church as the Chairperson for the Braille Ministry and the food drive coordinator. Denise also works full time as the maintenance and facilities manager of our church. Ted is Senior Truck Driver for the Joliet Park District. Denise loves working in God's house with incredible people.

Julie Gates


Wallie Sharp

Board of Directors - President

LeRoy Benson

Board of Directors - Elder Chair

Francine Ulm

Board of Directors Recording Secretary

Chuck Simpson

Board of Directors - Treasurer

Pam Kaumeyer

Board of Directors - Assistant Treasurer

Steve Grant

Board of Directors - Financial Secretary

Monica Lane

Board of Directors - Education Chair


Board of Directors - Fellowship Chair

Deanne Mesquita

Board of Directors - Outreach Chair

Leslie Panzer

Board of Directors - Stewardship Chair

Mark Richardson

Board of Directors - Trustee Chair

Mark Richardson has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church for quite a few years now. He was married to his wife Miriam in the old sanctuary in 1985. Mark and Miriam have three daughters; Moriah, a junior at Iowa State, Dora, a sophomore and Lydia, a 6th grader. Mark has been employed as a Reliability Engineer at Romeoville facilities for 29 years. His largest growth periods as a Christian came from Pastor Schlote’s 2 year Bethel Bible study, listening to the entire Bible on tape and teaching 8th grade Sunday school. He is also the Usher Chairman.

Leroy Benson

#1 Elder

LeRoy is a lifelong member of Our Savior Lutheran Church. He was confirmed in 1994. In addition to serving as Elder Chair, he currently serves as Communion Assistant, substitute organists, sings tenor in our Adult choir, participates in the Men's Ministry, plays on our softball team, and helps with our high school youth group. LeRoy has been employed as a structural designer with Healy, Bender & Associates, Inc. a Architecture firm.

Jon Ellis

#2 Elder

Jon Ellis has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church since 2006.  Jon married his wife Amy in 1999.  Jon and Amy have three children; Megan, Emily, and Jessica.  Jon serves as the Chairman of the Outreach Committee, a Greeter, and sings in the Adult Choir. He writes software for Midwest Warehouse.

Rich Lane

#3 Elder

Rich Lane has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church since 1990. Rich married his wife Monica in 1989. They have two children; a daughter, Meghan, who is at the University of Minnesota and a son, Justin, who is at the University of Illinois. Rich coordinates the acolytes, the quarterly blood drives, and teaches the 2nd grade Sunday school class. Both Rich and Monica are self employed CPA’s. Rich does tax work and Monica is managing partner of Christian Angel Network.

Scot Ernst

#4 Elder

Howard Hamilton

#5 Elder

Usher & Communion Assistant Chairman

Tom Slaboszewski

#7 Elder

 Tom Slaboszewski has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church since 1994. In that same year he married his wife Lori. Tom and Lori have two children that were baptized at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Sean who is a sophomore and Marla who is in 6th grade. Tom teaches music lessons and enjoys playing music professionally and for fun. He often plays as a guitarist or drummer in the 10:45 service.

Jim Jones

#8 Elder

Jim Jones has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church for over 30 years; starting back as early as 1972.  He was confirmed at Our Savior Lutheran Church in 1985.  Later, he then married his wife Shelly in 2000.  Together they have a daughter named Faith.  Jim serves as the Men’s Ministry Co-Coordinator, Greeter, and also served on the Board of Directors. Jim has been employed as a manager of Data Technologies and Processing at the market research company Millward Brown for 16 years.

Tim Dietel

#9 Elder

Tim has been a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church since 2005. 5 years before then he was married to his wife Amy. Together they have a son, Luke, and a daughter, Megan. Tim is employed as a Health and Safety Consultant for Bureau Veritas.

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