Seek ye First the Kingdom of God

Today I want to talk about carts and horses.  When it comes to our plans that is.  You see lately I have been thinking about direction in my life.  I have wondered what God has in store for me, for my wife and children.  This got me to thinking.  Are we doing things in the proper order?  I wonder about that sometimes in my own life.  Sometimes it seems like I am asking God to bless my plans for my life and not to show me His will for it instead.  That’s what I mean by carts and horses.

How about you?  Does it seem like you want God to bless your ideas or are you following the plans God has for you?  We know He has plans for you.  Plans to give you a hope and future. (Jeremiah 29:11 )  So how do you know the difference?  How can we discern the difference between our ideas and God’s?

To start with let me say that it can be done: with prayer.  Yes prayer.  By asking God to show us His will and erase any desire we have that is not in accordance with it.  This is

something that I am doing and still working on.  When I am asked to do something big I ask for a week to pray about it.  If they can wait the week then I pray about it and come back to them.  If they can not then the answer is always no.  Another thing you can do is talk to a trusted friend or pastor.  Most people want what is best for us and a fellow believer because they know God and us they can put things into proper perspective.  Lastly in prayer ask God for His will to be done not our will.

No I am not saying that this is a easy task.  But seeking God’s will should be first in our mind when it comes to major choices that we have to make.  So today I challenge each and every one of you to seek first God’s will and then to follow it.  Put the horse in front of the cart.




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