What to Expect on Sunday Morning

Preaching – Our primary goal in preaching is the same that it has been for the prophets of old: to call the sinful to repentance and to proclaim the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  While we largely follow the liturgical calendar, we also take time to do series on various important topics.  Even though we provide bibles in the pew, we encourage people to bring their own bible so they can follow along with us and have a chance to write down any insights on a particular passage.

Classic Praise Divine Service (Saturday 5:30 PM & Sunday 8 AM)– Hear God speak to you through words passed down through the centuries.  In this service we are embraced by God through an order of worship passed down by generations of fellow Christians.  Those who have gone on in the faith before us have compiled together elements from the Scripture that allow us to remember God’s gifts, hear Him call us to confess, hear Him speak his forgiveness, to personally receive the gift of forgiveness at His table, and allow us to respond in praise through timeless hymns

New Song Divine Service – Here the ancient melds with the new.  The conversation passed down to us through the ages is combined with more modern musical styles.  Largely, the biggest difference between New Song and Classic Praise is the style of music.  Why?  Because the message is still the same, God’s word and promise is timeless.  In addition, because we are trying to go green we project the entire service on the screens; we do offer large print bulletins for people who have trouble seeing the screens.

Music – Could God have given us anything more beautiful than music?  Whether it is the powerful notes of the organ played by our talented organist or the driving cords and beat by our incredible praise team, music is a beautiful and cherished gift.  We have been blessed with great musical talent at Our Savior and we strive to give them an outlet to use that gift to God’s glory.  During any of our services you will have the chance to hear our fantastic choir or members offer music in solos and ensembles.

Worship Etiquette – During the Divine Service we strive to be mindful of everybody’s experience.  Once the service has started please try to wait for one of the songs to enter or leave the sanctuary.  It is ok to lift up your hands or clap during various songs, particularly during the New Song service.  If you are visiting on a Communion Sunday please read our section on Communion.  If you do not have the chance to speak with the pastors before service, please feel free to come to the altar and receive a pastoral blessing, make sure to cross your arms across your chest so that we know you just desire a blessing.  It is also ok to stay in the pew, you do not need to feel obligated to come forward to communion.

Attendance Cards: Cards for registering your attendance are found in the pew racks. There is a side for members and a side for guests. These cards provide us with the information that we need to welcome visitors properly. There is also a place on the card where you may record special prayer concerns for us to keep in our prayers.

Communion –  As part of the Divine Service we gather around the Lord’s Table every 1st and 3rd Sunday to receive His body and blood in, with and under the bread and the wine for the express purpose of the forgiveness of sins.  This is an incredible encounter with God that He gives us.  We have a chance to be brought into an intimate relationship with Him through this gift, so it should not be approached lightly.  As it is written,

  • Let a person examine himself, then, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup.  For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment on himself. 1 Corinthians 11:28-29
            To aid you in examining yourself we offer these questions.
  •  Have you been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit?
  •  Do you acknowledge that you have not lived according to God’s will as revealed in His ten commandments?
  •  Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died and rose again?
  •  Do you believe that Jesus offers you His Body and Blood in with and under the bread and wine for the forgiveness of your sins?
  • We ask that all visitors please speak with the pastor before joining us in this sacred event.  Pastor Schlote and Pastor Bowman are easy to find.  They are the guys in the white robes and colorful stoles

Pastor’s Attire – The Pastors dress in robes because they are symbolic of what we believe.  The white robe is a representation of Christ’s righteousness covering us and overcoming all our sin.  The colored strips of cloth or stoles mark us out as God’s shepherds in this congregation.  The stoles also help identify the time of year.  We follow what is called a liturgical calendar and in this calendar there are various seasons and celebration some of which may sound familiar such as Easter and Christmas and others that are not so familiar such as Epiphany.  They also tend to match the drapes on the altar and so allow us to blend in, this is a subtle reminder that we pastors are not the central fixture rather Christ Himself is the center of our faith.  Occasionally, you may see one of the pastors wear something that resembles a poncho.  This poncho like garment is called a chasuble, in a congregation with more than one pastor it is a traditional way of marking which pastor is leading us in Holy Communion.

Baptism – Occasionally, we will have a Baptism during our Divine Service.  This is a wonderful event the congregation gets to share in with the person involved.  Young or old, baptism is the moment in time where God declares exactly how He feels for you.  Here at the font, God unites you with the death and resurrection of His Son (Roman 6:3-5) and places His name upon you (Matthew 28:19).  If you have not been baptized and would like to be baptized give the pastors a call at 815-725-1606.  Parents, if you would like your child baptized we ask that you first participate in our Faith Legacy seminar so that you can be prepared to share the faith with your child.

Family Friendly – We believe that it is important for families to participate in the Divine Service together, so children are most welcome.  On Sundays where there is no communion we offer children’s messages.  We also have activity bulletins available for young children.  During the service if you need a quiet spot our adjoining prayer chapel is wired so you can still hear the service and there is a window so you can still see what is going on.  We also have a beautiful nursery if so desired.

The Church Year and its Colors:

At Our Savior we follow the church year which is designed to help God’s people in their worship. Each season is associated with special colors and themes:

  • Advent (blue for hope)…We long for our Lord’s promised return and eternal life
  • Christmas (white) … We celebrate the birth of God’s Son!
  • Lent (purple for solemn repentance) … Christ by His death on the cross overcame sin, death and Satan. During this season we focus more fully on Christ’s death for us and our sins that placed Him on the cross.
  • Easter (White/Gold) … We celebrate Christ’s Resurrection!
  • Pentecost & Festivals (Red) … The Holy Spirit unites us to Christ and His church. He bring us to faith and keeps us in the one true faith.
  • Sundays of the Church (Green) … During this second half of the church year we focus on growing in the grace & knowledge of God.

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