Why is God Being so quiet?

 Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!
(Psalm 46:10 ESV)

Ever ask that question; Why is God being so quiet? On the big scale we ask this about all the disasters and tragedy in the world. Why doen’t God do something? In our personal lives as well. OK in my personal life. I am sure there is not now nor will there ever be struggle in your life. You get my point. We all have those moments when we wonder where God is. There is an answer. Still, you may not want to hear it. Why is God being so quiet? He’s not. You are just not listening properly. God is at work behind the scenes instead of out front. God has rarely spoken in a big voice. Most often he speaks in different ways.With a quiet voice or the actions of other people or with no voice at all but in His word. God is not quiet. He is very active and working in the lives of the people of the world. He just speaks in a whisper. So if it seems like He is not doing anything or being too quiet we need to ask a few questions.

  1.  Are we being quiet enough to hear Him? I mean it. Turn off the tv, computer, cellphone and the other things that seem to dominate our modern lives and really listen for the voice of God.
  2. Are we really listening? In the history of the church few people have heard the voice of God speaking to them. Most often it’s in the actions of people and things all around us. So you have to listen to the wind and read his Word and watch the actions around you.
  3. Are we acting on what is being said? God is not being quiet in these times as much as we are. God uses people to acomplish his mission on earth. So when it comes to disasters and tragedies all around us. Get involved. How you may ask me? I don’t know. But pray about it and ask God how he can use you to speak for him.

So we started this devotion by asking, Why is God being so quiet? Turns out it’s the wrong question. The correct one is, why are we?



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